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Building a Rivalry: What Next for MLS?

April 2001. Alf-Inge Håland of Manchester City sprints to clear a misplaced pass. He doesn’t see Manchester United’s Roy Keane hurtling towards him, boot outstretched. The United midfielder’s studs spear into Håland’s knee, and the City player crumples. The players in blue and red gather as referee David Ellerey brandishes a red card, and Keane


Defending Football Manager: The Brains Behind the Ratings

Each football fan has their favorite pundit and would reject the suggestion that a computer screen could provide better information. However, since 1992, football fans have been learning obscure players from the in-depth football simulator Football Manager. The “manager” controls tactics, signings, player morale, and details of real-life football that are glossed over in other


Hope Rises Again for the Hungarian National Team

Glittering football histories do not often come with such drab current circumstances. Three Olympic titles, two World Cup runner-up medals, and three of the top six international goalscorers of the 20th century, yet Hungary’s national soccer team struggles to qualify for major tournaments these days. When they defeated Norway 3-1 on aggregate in the European