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The Lifeblood of American Soccer: Richmond Kickers and USL

Name that American club: they squeezed into the playoffs on the last day of the season, only to lose in heartbreaking fashion in added extra time of their first round match; they increased their attendance by 50% in the last three years; they play in a beautiful stadium within a mile of the river, commanding

Started from the Bottom? USSF Licensing and Why Young Players are Underserved

“If you can get a little 3 year old to listen to direction and play in a game, you look like a genius.” Ben Mortimer learned this lesson the hard way as a young college graduate. After playing four years of varsity soccer at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Mortimer made a decision steeped

The $50,000 Men: Meeting MLS’s Lowest-Paid Players

For a young adult on their own for the first time, a $50,000 salary is nothing to sneeze at (roughly €45,000 or £32,000, for non-Americans). Especially without a college degree, this salary would feel like an unexpected windfall as a personal trainer, retail general manager, crane operator, or flight attendant. However, for a young Major